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The story of building in a West Compton farmyard to building the clubs own purpose built shed

Our first build at West Compton was Martial Arts of the Orient. The problem was it took several hours to reach the main road with the cart, as it had to cross several fields, a used railway track and narrow lanes. Despite its drawbacks we stayed here building carts util 1989 with 'The Way It Was'.

In 1989, the club had to move its building site to Lamberts Hill Farm, on land owned by Mr Edward Stone. Here a make shift shed was errected with a tarpaulin to protect the build. Our first cart built here was 'Round About The 50's'

1990 was hampered by a break in at the building site at the start of the year which resulted in the loss of thousands of pounds of equipment. Later in the year, the club was told that it had to apply for planning permission and after just spending out to buy a tractor, this was a difficult year for the club with membership as low as 14.
1998 was the most memorable year to date with the club deciding to build a shed in which to store and build the cart. The shed was built in 12 weekends far quicker than expected which was just as well as the weather for the rest of the year was terrible. The club was approached by its landlord at Lamberts Hill with an offer of purchasing an acre of land that the shed was on. With an offer of sponsorship from Dr Marten Shoe producers R Griggs and Co Ltd, the club decided to accept the deal. The club's entry 'The Flix' meant that the cart had to be stripped back to the chassis for the first time in 3 years. The cart was created using just black and white, a gamble that paid off as the club won 24 trophies.