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Committee and Members
Nick Marsh  
Scott Witcombe 07967722880 or 01749343473
Hon. Vice Chairman
Gary Cox  
Hon. Treasurer
John Davis 01749 899279 or 07879471452 email
Assistant Treasurer
Trish Davis  
Hon. Secretary
Angela Davis 07810258047 or 01749831583 email
Assistant Secretary
Trish Davis  
VSO Secretary
Emma and Iain Buckland  
Gangs & Features Representatives
Carol Gooding,  
Town Committee Representatives
Carol Gooding, Angela Davis 01749345511
Cart Build Captain
Ass. Cart Build Captain
Road Crew Captain
  Scott Witcombe
Honorary Members
Gary Fielding, Donnald Clifford,
Gary Cox, Andy Ollis, Luke Ollis, Ben Ollis, Scott Witcombe, Tracey Witcombe, Megan Witcombe, Angela Davis, John Davis, Trish Davis, Carol Gooding, Phillip Button, Kevin Edwards,Sharon Gregory, Chloe Jones, Terry Portsmouth, Sue Portsmouth, Spencer Portsmouth, Sharon Portsmouth, Chloe Portsmouth, Marc Portsmouth, Iain Buckland, Jamie Buckland, Emma Buckland, Stephen Payne, Jordan Payne, Declan Payne, Josh King, Kim Cooper, Bethany Cooper, Lynn Davis, Charlotte Mitchell, Danniel Cannon, Abbey Ramsdale, Georgina Kitchen, Holly Kitchen, Kristina Kitchen, Sarah Breen, Bailey Breen.
Social Members
Carl H. Vicky H.